• Herb And Spice Recommend

      (Pictured Above: 78. Orange Chicken)

    • 82. Deep Fried Whole Fish (Tilapia)


      Choice of One:
      A. Fried garlic topping, dipped in hot chili sauce
      B. Topped with red curry sauce and bell pepper
      C. Stir fried green beans, onion, bell pepper & basil w/garlic sauce on the top

    • 81. Crispy Soft Shell Crab over a Bed of Vegetables


      With panang curry sauce or fried garlic topping with chili sauce on the side.

    • 80. Eggplant and Soft Tofu with Panang Curry


      Served with rice. Red curry with soft tofu and sliced eggplant.

    • 79. Herb and Spice Special Noodle


      Sauteed chicken and shrimp with fresh garlic and ground pepper over steamed egg noodles.

    • 78. Orange Chicken


      Served with rice. Deep fried chicken in tangerine sauce with steamed broccoli.

    • 77. Crispy Duck and Vegetables


      Stir fried or panang curry topping. Crispy sliced boneless duck stir fried with mixed vegetables and black mushrooms or topping with panang red curry sauce on steamed cabbage, broccoli and carrots.

    • 76. Shrimp in the Hot Pot


      Sauteed shrimp and silver noodles with ginger, celery, black mushrooms and onion over steamed cabbage.

    • 75. 2 Friend Chicken and Shrimp


      Chicken and shrimp over cabbage, broccoli and carrots topped with panang curry sauce.

    • 75. 3 Friend Panang


      Grilled salmon, scallop and shrimp over cabbage, broccoli and carrots topped with panang curry sauce.

    • 74. Salt & Pepper Shrimp


      Chinese Style Deep fried Shrimp with shell, green onions, and slightly spicy

    • 73. Fire of the Sea (spicy dish)


      Stir fried shrimp, white fish, mussels, scallop and squid with bell pepper, onion, basil and green beans in hot chili and garlic sauce. Spicy.